Manon van Kuyk


For decades, I have been a strategic partner for dozens of national and international retailers and A-brands. I know the ins and outs of marketing and branding, and I am always looking for added value.
My motto is that stories are the foundation for the success of a brand or product. Helping brands by providing outstanding, unique storytelling is one of the main reasons why I started Product Lab Amsterdam.


Manager in Branding, Design and Product Development

Due to my background in the retail and fashion industry, I have acquired a deep understanding of consumers’ constant changing needs. This allows me to develop brand concepts and products that are outstanding, innovative and relevant. My attention for detail makes me an ideal sparring partner for special and innovative packaging concepts.


New Business Manager

I have been working for over 25 years in the world of beauty. A business sector for which I have experience in almost every discipline found in the chain: from product development to marketing and from buyer to account manager — on the manufacturer and the retail side in the Netherlands and abroad. I have a passion for identifying new opportunities and building lifelong partnerships.


Project Manager

Thanks to my experience as a product manager in the personal care industry, I have a broad knowledge about product development and the market.
Within Product Lab Amsterdam I am project manager. I really enjoy supervising projects and being the link between customer and supplier.


Junior Product Manager

As the youngest member of the team, my focus is the development of new projects. I have daily contact with the suppliers, and I am always on the lookout for new partners. I am also highly knowledgeable about the EU quality and packaging regulations.


Senior Product Manager

Due to my years of experience in conceiving, sourcing and developing cosmetic products, I understand the process well and know where the bottlenecks arise.
I love a challenge and meeting it head on, so that we can bring wonderful products to the market.


Buying & Sourcing Specialist

Thanks to my sourcing experience, I have developed expertise at finding the best suppliers and building partnerships so that everyone can be a winner. I always prioritise my customers in my decision-making and collect all the crucial information before and during the development process. After which, I will be your contact person for the final delivery of the goods.


Graphic Designer

When I was young, you could always find me with coloured pencils and paper in my hand. Therefore, I am very happy that I was able to turn my passion into my work. I really enjoy taking on new projects as well as creating attractive, unique concepts and products.